Ambu – Promotional Materials

Ambu have been creating healthcare solutions within their fields of excellence – Anaethesia, Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics, and Emergency Care since 1937, with their most notable inventions being the Ambu bag, Blue Sensor electrodes and the aScope single-use videoscope.

Ambu came to Fink Creative to help promoting their Neuroline Concentric Needles and wanted a bespoke mailout leaflet that would hold their product information and sample needles whilst fitting in with their new corporate guidelines which had just been released from their head office in Denmark. The result was a six page roll fold leaflet and outer sleeve that revealed information as it was unfolded finally revealing the samples when fully opened. Following on from the success of the mailer Ambu then requested subsequent simplified versions, without the sleeve and need for samples, to help promote their Aura Laryngeal Masks and their Spur II Resuscitation Bags, which were well received.

Ambu also required a bespoke mailout leaflet to promote their Blue Sensor ECG Electrodes and Fink Creative again worked on an ‘unfold to reveal’ idea but this time had to contain quite a substantial sample pack of electrodes and fit within printing paper size constraints. This was in part achieved by using a curved cutter guide on the cover which tied in with the corporate guidelines and became an integral part of the cover design.

Following on from this Fink now help Ambu with a wide range of their promotional media and literature, from redesigning their existing newsletter to information posters, flyers, folder inserts and quick guides and all to the new corporate guidelines.

Image of people meeting at the Huntingdon Life Sciences exhibition stand

Huntingdon Life Sciences – Exhibition Stand

Huntingdon Life Sciences, an international research organisation, approached Fink Creative to design their upcoming exhibition stand for a show in the United States.

Final files for the stand had to be supplied direct to the stand builder in America in order to hit a short deadline and the final stand was very well received.