Pristine Dry Cleaners – Branding & Website

Pristine Dry Cleaners came to Fink Creative after seeing the work we had done for Spots Dry Cleaners in Islington and Bank Side, London. They required a totally rebranding, from coming up with a new company name, brand identity, stationery, website, through to their shop frontage designed for their Kensington and Landcaster Gate branches.

Having already done the Spots branding and website a few years back, the Fink Creative team were more then up to the challenge and created a clean and crisp brand identity, rolling it out across all areas of their business and designed and built a professional, architecturally sound website that has met all the clients deliverables and more.

Spots Dry Cleaners Branding & Website

Spots Dry Cleaners, founded back in 1962, and probably remains the oldest family owned business on Upper Street, Islington, London, came to Fink Creative, on recommendation, for a total redesign of their branding and the creation of a website.

We created a clean, crisp, modern looking new brand identity for Spots Dry Cleaners, that has a timeless feel. The minimalist palette of white, black and grey was extended throughout all of Spots marketing, with the website adopting a very pared down look that emphases the Spots brand of being modern forward looking dry cleaners.

Taking our lead from the symbols for dry cleaning, the identity cleverly works on two levels, as a cleaning symbol and a spot. The clean, sharp uppercase typeface gives a modern yet timeless feel, with the letter ‘O’ in their name SPOTS echoing the perfect circle of their logo.

The black/grey and white palette makes for a strong modern look that proudly presents a professional business where perfection is paramount.

The Spots Dry Cleaning website extends upon the minimalist branding, opting for a pared down look that helps emphases cleanliness, with it’s white crisp look.

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Our attention to detail was also applied to their vehicle graphics. Working within the constraints of the vehicle model’s panels, we applied Spots Dry Cleaners graphics along with contact details to ensure brand continuity was kept on the London streets.

Hypergallery – Music Week Adverts

Hypergallery is a virtual gallery, devoted to contemporary artists working in the rock n’ roll genre, selling signed limited edition art prints of album cover art & collectables. Hypergallery contacted Fink Creative to help them design a range of adverts for Music Week magazine on a theme of ‘THIS IS NOT AN ALBUM COVER… THIS IS ART’, conveying the wide range of limited edition prints that they sell.

The Bramton Company -Simple Solution Point of Sale

The Bramton Company have been providing pet care products that are effective and safe for more than 30 years. Their line of pet products are designed for those discriminating pet parents who want to give their furry companions the very best.

The Bramton Company approached Fink Creative to come up with Point of Sale (POS) designs to help promote their Simple Solution products instore including Shelf Wobblers, Neck Hangers and in-store Floor Stickers.