British Board of Film Classification – Websites & Promotion

The UK film and video industry regulator, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), is responsible for the national classification of films within the United Kingdom and are the instigators of the age ratings that we all see and use daily to guide us on film suitability. The BBFC initially approached Fink in order to educate the public on the correct use of age ratings and why they are there through a range of websites and media.
The CBBFC website: The BBFC tasked us with creating a website, to educate primary children on film classification, in a fun way. Based on the BBFC building, the site uses illustration and animation to create an enticing experience, including competitions, film clips, review submissions and an educational tool in classroom sessions.
The SBBFC website: Fink also undertook the student site – targeting GCSE, A-Level and Degree students. The site needed to be different in style and contains many resources, presented in a stylish, easy to navigate format.
The PBBFC website: The aim of this site was to inform parents about current film ratings, and has proved to be a popular asset, often quoted by film reviewer Mark Kermode on BBC Radio.

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Fink provide an imaginative personal service, creating interesting websites that are both functional, fun and look great too. Quick to respond, adaptable and ingenious at turning ideas into reality.