Digistores – World Footie Manager Facebook Game

Digistores is a developer and publisher of innovative and addictive games for social networks, enabling people to play games with their real-world friends and family on the infrastructure provided by Facebook.

Capitalising on the rise of Facebook (600million+ users), Digistores developed its title ‘World Footie Manager’ and commissioned Fink to illustrate key areas of the App game, from the football managers, to the stadium designs and all the supporting icons.

Only having a basic structure to their game, Fink Creative sat down with Digistore to help create the look and feel they wanted to achieve, a style that was similar to comic books with pub style jokes but still wanting to be a serious football manager game.

Working with their development team we produced all the elements to work within their infrastructure. Each area within the game required individual pieces to be illustrated so that as the online player built their football empire the images would be a visual indication of their progress within the game.






Client Testimonial

Fink Creative have done a great job of bringing our first Facebook game – World Footie Manager to life. The graphics are absolutely integral to the success of the game as they bring the programming to life. Fink were instrumental in coming up with some great concepts for digistores. We look forward to commissioning more work with Fink very soon!